Responsive design over all

The aim of is to provide intuitive, innovative and user-friendly solution for reading and editing guitar chord sheets. The essential innovation of the application lies in the responsive design that keeps guitar chord sheets perfectly readable on any devices and screen sizes without downloading any extra application. By creating its own Domain Specific Language, guarantees that chords always remain above the selected syllable, regardless of the screen resolution.

Special thanks to the contributors

The prototype

The prototype of the web application has been implemented in scope of a graduation project called "Taboo". A scientific article has also been released with the title of "Taboo: Chord Sheet Editor and Manager Web Application", which has been presented on the 16th International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Informatics (SISY) in 2018. Please find more details about the article here:

Special thanks to Réka Bartha, Adorján-Ferenc Péter, Ervin Erőss, Norbert László, Örs Molnár, Balázs Sebestyén, Tibor Fazakas and Csaba Sulyok for their help in creating the prototype implementation and the scientific article.

Many thanks to the Softech Ltd for organizing the mentoring program and providing the necessary infrastructure for the development of "Taboo". Please find more information about the "Taboo" project on the official page of the mentoring program here.

Later, the project has been reimplemented from scratch based on the original idea of "Taboo". Credits to T-vk and Tombatossals for their help in creating the database of guitar chords.


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